Spanish Partners


FOREM, Spain (ES) The Training and Employment Foundation) is a non profit-making foundation, promoted by the Trade Union Confederation, Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO.), a workers union with representatives in all the productive sectors of Spain's economy. The main axis around which FOREM articulates its activities is in the training area, carrying out training activities for:
- Unemployed people looking for their first job, or those who have lost the one they had, and/or long-term unemployed people. (Job Training/Career Guidance).
- Male and female workers who need to acquire new skills in order to adapt to changes on the work market and/or who need to improve their job qualifications (Continuous Training).
FOREM has a confederate structure. Nowadays FOREM has 18 territorial organisations (CEPROM in Catalonia) and branches almost in all Spanish regions. For this reason Forem will have a key role in the dissemination activity.