Leonardo programm - YET


Project description

There is a growing number of young people who obtain higher education qualifications, but remain unemployed or inactive as far the labour market is concerned which may have an adverse impact on the society. The YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS' TRAINING (YET) PROGRAMME/SYSTEM will help these young people with a degree to assess their skills, competences, attitudes, personality features, motivation, etc.Then, built on their YET PERSONAL PORTFOLIO of these characteristics, to attain information, knowledge and train themselves to become entrepreneurs and continue life long learning. In the YET self-training system, they will learn by doing, assess their competences, get motivational and vocational training, and thus will be able to identify what additional training they need, in which areas of SME activities in the sectors of food processing, manufacturing, machine industry manufacturing & engineering and computer software developers, as Suppliers, they could be successful primarily in Partnership Enterprises. They will be encouraged to utilize and improve their existing skills and competences to become entrepreneurs at these identified areas.

Project aims:

I. Provide help in improving of entrepreneurship and managerial skills of target group.
II. Focus on motivation, skills, competences, characteristics needed to be
successful on market.
III. Create own road map to successful individual and corporate enterprising.
Through the YET PROGRAMME incentives, initiatives, motivation and tailor-made individual training, young graduated people, yet unable to get employed, will be given new opportunities to enter the active labour market in the form of becoming ENTREPRENEURS in Partnerships (SMEs).
Incentives will be provided for USERS, SMEs in the EU, to stay connected to the programme and provide periodical feed back with the aim of improving it; as well as their access to new information. It is intended to cooperate with websites and periodicals involved in entrepreneurial activities. This model programme of attaining information, motivation, attitudes, skills and competences and continuous life long self-improvement can hopefully be transferred into the practices of other sectors and trans-national actions.


Eight education modules are assigned to young people in the EU with a Bc. degree qualifications who cannot get employed:

M1 - Self-development of Essential Personal Competences, Skills and Proficiency- Introductory Training Material

M2 - Essential Enterpreneurial Competences, Skills and Proficieny in Knowledge Economy

M3 Public Relations, Marketing, Ethics

M4 Finaces, Investment, Banking

M5 ICT Competences and skills

M6 Decision Support System in Enterpreneurial Decision Making

M7 Intellectual Property

M8 Vocational Oriented Language - Glossary and Situational Exercises

Web page of project : http://projects.czu.cz/yet